Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What's my first step to working with you?

Book your free assessment!  When we meet, we will have plenty of time to chat more about you, me, the process, and your goals.  Don't stress, I do all of the planning around your schedule and what works best for you.

2.  How do I know which package to purchase?

ALL PRICING is customized to what you need and within your budget.  Once we meet for the initial assessment and session, i'll give you a recommendation for how often we should meet and how that translates to cost.  There is something to fit in everyone's budget while still meeting their goals! 

3.  I'm Interested in doing the programming only but would still like to meet with you once per month or so to make sure I'm staying on track.  Is that possible?

Absolutely!  I am here to work in all capacities from meeting as little as once per month with weekly check ins to meeting every day!  Whatever you need to stay on track and to keep you motivated we will work out.

4.  I just purchased the programming and had some questions about the workout.  Can I reach out to you if I have questions?

Yep!  All of my clients (whether they are just programming or full personal training services) have direct access to me so I can answer questions as they come up related to fitness.

5.  What packages include programming?

Great question!  Programming is INCLUDED with all memberships.  It is NOT INCLUDED with individual sessions.  If you decide you are just going to buy individual sessions and still want the programming, you can still get it for $10/month!

6.  I don't have a lot of time, but really want to get moving.  Do you offer anything for families or kid's so we can all workout together?

This is my favorite type of workout!  If you and your husband/wife or kid's would like to workout too, we can absolutely do family sessions to not only keep everyone busy but healthy too!

7.  Is your training just for women or can men train with you too?

I can train anyone from 18 years old to 65+ and any gender.  I customize the training based on what you need and have ALL OF THE NECESSARY EQUIPMENT to not only challenge you, but to help each individual get the results they are looking for.  SO YES I train MEN and WOMEN!