Jerry Fleming (NASM-CPT)


 Lauren Klasik Fitness' NEWEST TRAINER

 Jerry Fleming, NASM-CPT!

From a young age, Jerry was thrust into sports. It was sort of a right of passage in Ohio to play Football in High School. As soon as he was old enough his parents took him to his first practice. He feel in love with team sports and tried everything from Baseball, Football, Wrestling, Power Lifting, Track etc. His true love was always Football and was lucky enough to get to play a year of college Football as well.
Although he was active as a kid, he grew up around poor nutrition and at the age of 16 weighed in over 270lbs at 5’10. At the age of 21, he finally decided it was time to make a change. Nearly 9-years ago he started learning about Nutrition and different training modalities.  Now, he is happy to say he's made a complete 360 regarding his lifestyle. Not only did he lose over 80lbs, he has sustained that lifestyle.
"Those who know me see the fire and passion when we start talking about Nutrition and Moving your body. I personally love CrossFit style training. My belief is in Functional Movement and working towards efficient movement of your body no matter who you are. Rather that’s being able to play in the yard with the kids, go for a walk or compete in a competition I’m confident I can help others get to where they want to be."
Jerry is beyond excited to bring over 10+ years of training experience from his personal life journey with fitness and clients as well as the Nutrition learning he has undergone the past 9-years.
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