The Training Process

This isn't your BIG BOX GYM type training.  You are not going to pay a premium to be matched with a trainer that gives everyone the exact same workout. 


Will there be loud music?  YES! 

Will the workouts be challenging and fun?  YES! 

The only difference is we are going to change our approach.

Step 1: The Fitness Assessment

We start with discussing your background, your lifestyle, medical history, favorite hobbies, and more that will identify what how you like to move,  but most importantly INDIVIDUALIZED specifically for you and your needs.  Once we identify your goals, we take both an analytical approach as well as do a physical assessment.  

What's an analytical approach?  Well, we are going to look at ANY and ALL numbers that can impact your day-to-day movement from blood pressure, heart rate, BMI, weight, circumference measurements, water retention (to name a few).

Once we get a good idea where you stand, I build out a training program!

Step 2: Training

I do all of the heavy lifting.  You just have to show up!  Where do we train?  Wherever is most convenient for you!  Your house, the gym, at a park or trail, a field,'s endless!               

Depending on your goals, we will map out together how many time's per week we would train together, what you can do to stay moving while we are not together, and how you will progress throughout the training.

The best part will ALWAYS have an accountability partner and a resource!  At the gym and not sure on your form? Send a picture and check in!  Not feeling motivated this week?  Let's talk!  As your trainer, we're in this together.

Step 3: Consistency & Hitting Goals

So you made the decision to explore your fitness journey, we are now training together, the next step is consistency! 

We are going to keep it interesting and fun.  No training will be the same and every day together will have a new challenge.

We are going to get you to your short, mid, and long term goals.  What does this include?  Weekly goal emails outlining certain behavioral changes and workout plans, check-ins on the days you are trying out programming on your own, and checkpoints where we will look at your progression on a monthly scale.  

Are you ready?!  Book your FREE ASSESSMENT today!